Love is a difficult emotion.



Emotionally: dead
Physically: hurting
Mentally: fucked

Today had been an okay day until my boyfriend thing texted me asking me a question. Instead of answering him, I said let’s get together tonight to talk. He said he couldn’t. I asked why, no response.
My anxiety is so high right now that I want to cut, I think I will too. I need to escape and drain out how I’m feeling. I feel like it’ll consume me.

My heartburn is getting worse. I get it for no reason now. I used to only get it when I had tomato products.
The right side of my right breast is really quite sore. It’s on and off, but been like this for years. Tomorrow I’m calling to see my Doctor. My mom and grandma and I have a history of tumors, both banine and cancerous. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Oops, I totally crashed last night after a mini panic attack. Then I hustled around today trying to get a last minute ride to work. It ended up being my boyfriend who made himself late for work to drive me. I guess that means something…

Talk later.