A Letter To My Beloved


I don’t think we’ve made it to a point for me to love you yet; I do however have an intense feeling of deep affection for you. I get butterflies every time we get together. You make me giddy and excited and happy when I’m with you. I feel loved and full of warmth by your side. I couldn’t ask for anything more and yet you still give it to me. Your smile, your laugh, your personality, your attitude, your compassion; everything that makes you, you. You know exactly the right time to talk about yourself and when to give me the floor. You’ve showed me things I’ve never seen and things I’ve never experienced. You gave me that little nudge to grow as a person, even in the slightest way. You’ve given me more of a backbone and more confidence in myself. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and continue to do for me. You’re so sweet and so kind and I don’t think you appreciate yourself as much as you should. I’m jealous of the luminous aura you exude; power, strength, determination, loyalty, and honesty. I wish I had the traits you hold.

I would hope by now you know that I have periods of enormous self-destructive depression, where I go completely off my rocker and lose all sight of reality and reason. This is who I am; but it isn’t the only thing that defines me.

Never finished. Never will be completed.
It’s going into the large pile of disappointments.


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