He Said He’s Done

I’m dying inside right now.
I’ve had a hand full of anxiety attacks this evening. I’m pretty sure it’s about time for another. I need immediate pain killers. Getting high, taking too many sleeping pills, taking all my Zanax pills and cutting.

He said he’s done.

My mind has imploded. My emotions have more than exceeded their capacity. I’ve gone insane; literally insane. The tears, the screaming, the yelling, the punching, the rage, the pain, the shakes, the chills, the hot flashes, the fast heart beat, the hyperventilating, the numbing and paralyzation of my body, the feeling of unreality, the feeling of having no control, the need to escape right this second.

I’ve already thought on how I would try this time. It’s mapped out with no care for the consequences.

I need help… NOW


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