This Is Gonna Get Weird

Just finished watching The Bourne Identity with one of my friends. Starting up the second one, The Bourne Supremacy. I’ve seen all three movies plenty of times, but they are pretty good. I’m sleeping over tonight. I feel too lonely to sleep alone. I wish every night I didn’t have to sleep alone.
Actually, I want to fall asleep with someone but wake up alone.
Falling asleep is hard for me and it’s one of the hardest parts of my day.
Being beside someone makes me focus a lot less on the negative aspects in my life. In the morning, I want to be alone. Start my day with myself. Wake up “fresh”. Only have to worry about myself and my day.
Tomorrow morning should I just wake up and leave without telling him? It’ll be awkward, I know it. I’ll be awkward.
Not too mention, he only has a single bed… This is gonna get weird, real weird. I don’t like him, not at all. It’s 100% friendship. I know he likes me because he told me, don’t worry it’s not my huge ego talking.
I might end up sleeping on the floor. Which is so bad for my back.
I know you might be wondering why I out myself in these situations. Well… I don’t fucking know. I’m an idiot and don’t learn from my mistakes I guess.

Talk soon


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