I’m talking with a good friend about the Janitor. He thinks I should break up with him. He is telling me to do it now, like ASAP.
I’m freaking the fuck out. I don’t want to. I like him. I know he makes me upset. But I want to be able to fix it first. I know it can be done. If he continues to fuck up after trying so hard, then fine. But I can’t, I just can’t. I’ve never broken up with anyone before. I was always the one left behind. It fucking sucks, I don’t know if I can do that to someone.

Help? 😦


One thought on “HUGE DILEMMA

  1. This exercise seems simple—almost too simple. But, it is very effective. By allowing that negative emotion the space to be truly felt, you are dealing with the emotion rather than stuffing it down and trying not to feel it. You are actually taking away the power of the emotion by giving it the space and attention it needs. When you immerse yourself in the emotion, and realize that it is only emotion, it loses its control. You can clear your head and proceed with your task.

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