Big Ol’ Couch Potato

Oh my fucking god. Totally just lost my shit.
I crawled into bed, was lying there for a good half hour then decided to get up and get undressed to actually go to bed. Low and behold, a fucking bug under my pillow!!! I had a damn heart attack. I had no choice but to kill it. But now I’m creeped out and can’t sleep!

I think I’m going to start paying rent here at my aunts. That might make me feel a little more comfortable.

I did nothing all day. Big ol’ couch potato that watched movies.

I don’t think the Janitor is willing to come with me to my tattoo appointment. A little disappointed, but he just moved, so I guess he can be busy.
I have this crazy ache to be with him.

I’m cold and feel alone, so I shall go cuddle in the covers with my hippo and watch Skins.



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