Ladies Man

What is it with men?
Do they get together at their monthly meeting and decide these things?

I’m finally starting to get on a more personal level with the Janitor. He does like me and thinks that were some sort of “item”.
None the less… We’re getting there.

My good friend has been texting me all day about his problems. I don’t blame him. It’s the right thing to do. I help him as best I can because he does the same in return for me.
But what does he do today?
Drops a giant ass bomb on me.
He likes me, he freaking likes me.
This complicates so much for me. So I told him straight up, no. I wanted our friendship to stay the same. We both need strong supports in our life and that’s what we are for each other. Plus… I really like the Janitor!!!

Next thing you know, I get a text from a guy I met online. He’s chatting me up and then… BOOM!!…  he wants to take me out.
Dude!!!!! I’m not available!!!

Why is it… When I look, there’s nothing.
When I don’t, there’s everything.
I guess that’s life… But arghh!!!

Anyhow… I had a game this evening. I played striker for a few shifts, instead of my usual defencive position. I was so close to getting one, and didn’t. Super bummed.

I’m off work until August 26th… I’ll have to find something to do with myself.

Good night. Talk soon.


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