Today’s Highs and Lows

– I woke up at 7am when I am not a morning person
– I worked back to back jobs for 14 hours straight
– It’s only Monday and I do this all week
– A murder went down and I was forced to clean up the crime scene (dramatization)


Clue #1: blood smear on the door


Clue #2: blood splattered all over the sink


Clue #3: blood splattered on the toilet and floor

Statement: pictures don’t do the crime scene justice. Please note the blood on the walls, the soap dispenser, and toilet paper dispenser.

– I complained to my boss and didn’t have to clean it up
– I got off work at 10pm instead of a possible 11-11:30pm
– Two of my shopping orders came in and I am very pleased


The Walking Dead, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn glasses.


The Walking Dead boxers.


Sexy boots #1.


Sexy boots #2.

Good night beautiful people. Talk soon.


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