Two Blades Away

Anxiety level: 8.79/10
High as a kite, drunk as a skunk. And I’m still two blades away from self harm.
I haven’t put a blade to my skin in such a long time.

I haven’t taken any of my medication in three days, reason number one.
Went on a date with the Janitor, I really like him, I over think all his actions and words, reason number two.
Being alone with not a soul to talk it out with me, reason number three.
Loss, reason number four.
General anxiety, reason number five.

Symptoms: increased heart rate, shaking, can’t sit still, somethings crawling all over my skin, the sensation of being insane and out of your mind crazy.
I need to go out, it’s almost 1am but I will implode if I sit here. I’m festering. I’m clawing at my skin and my face.

Insane asylum here I come.


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