Cray Cray

Possibly broke my pinky toe again in soccer tonight. A bigger gal stomped on my foot. I’ve broken toes multiple times the same way. How do I get my revenge? I can’t sue them, I can’t send a complaint… It was an “accident”. I suppose the only other choice is to break their toes in return.
The Janitor has his little girl this weekend. So I rarely speak to him, which is completely understandable. He only sees her every second weekend.
We spoke briefly about his move. I’ve been anxious about what this means for us. I had an image in my head where we would see each other less and slowly our “relationship” would fade. I use the word relationship loosely. We aren’t official yet, I’m guessing.
Anyhow, I spoke up and said I wanted to see him as much as possible before he moved. He replied stating that moving wouldn’t change anything. I was very happy to hear that.
Now if only I could make a damn move to show him I care about him!

Day off tomorrow, not sure what I’m going to do. Probably nothing, as per usual.

My grandparents’ 50th anniversary is coming up this month and we have been working on a surprise. Today we received the pictures from our family photo shoot.


(Me, Mother, Aunt [that I’m living with], Aunt, Brother)

Here’s one of my wacky family.


Just took my brother out in this one.


Me and my mommy.


Me and my brotha.

Good night, talk soon.


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