Stay Tuned Part 2

It’s 1am, I’m pooped. Today didn’t go as I planned, I didn’t have time to sit and blog.
I got my allergy and breathing test done today. My breathing is the same, I still have exercise induced asthma. My allergies have majorly increased. I will need to start shots next year.
I ran some errands with my mom today, then went back to hers to spend time with my pups. I also managed a nap! Then I cooked dinner at home and went to my brother’s soccer game where he kicked ass, as per usual. I cooked again when we got back and I watched some TV.
I put all the photos on my laptop and my Kobo. This makes it easier to add photos to my vacation log… When I get around to it.
I’m a procrastinator, can you tell?

Good night.


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