Niagra Falls – Day 1

We started on our way around 8am. Drove until lunch. Stopped at a truck stop for something to eat. And continued on our way into Toronto.



After finding our way, we unpacked and set out to explore. We walked up and down the main street and went to see the falls as well.


Attempting to take a selfie with my Kobo…


The American and Canadian falls.

We went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.





Unicorn fish!



After dinner we went bowling at the Rock ‘n Bowl. (Pictures to come). My brother (the little shit in all the pictures) completely owned us all.

We finished our evening at the Upside Down House (pictures to come) and beavertails!
If your not sure what a beavertail is, your crazy. But I will except apologies from anyone not living in North America.

After finally crawling into bed, we watched some Russell Peters until the shitty hotel WiFi took over.

This trip is a bit spontaneous. We don’t have a schedule as to what we are doing every day. We’ll just take each day as it comes. This, for me, is a nice change.
Fingers crossed, my anxiety stays low and I can get to sleep without nightmares this evening.

I must say good night, my brother is singing “shake your ass, watch yourself” in my ear and it’s quite distracting.
Talk soon.


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