No More Rain Please

Guess what sucked today? Almost everything.
I stupidly woke up at 1:10pm. I mean, I needed the rest. But I hate sleeping in that late, I have no day left. I wanted to try to hit up the beach again, which didn’t happen!
I did however get called up to play in the women’s league tonight, so I played for them instead of attending my practice. But let me tell ya, did it ever pour. Playing in the rain is fun. But when it’s pouring and you can barely see through the rain, it’s an issue and is no longer fun. We did win 2-1 though.
After talking with that coach he said he would love for me to be on their team. Apparently I can be added to their team roster and stay on mine too! I didn’t know I could do this. It’s pretty awesome and I’m looking into it tomorrow.
After all that, I had to rush over to work because my friend had texted saying she needed help. She had figured it out by the time I got there. I stayed and we chatted anyway.
He texted me telling me to look in the mailbox. When I finally got home, I noticed something was in there. Low and behold, a comic book / graphic novel (whatever you want to call it) was in there. And not just any comic book, but THE comic book! The second volume of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I fell in love with the Swedish movies, then the American versions. My mum has the books, which I will get too at some point. My library is huge and I can’t possibly keep up. And then I found the comic books, I’ve never been so excited about a comic book before. And trust me, I’ve been pretty darn excited in the past.
Anyhow, I thanked him profusely. It was a late birthday gift. And funny enough his hasn’t come in the mail yet either. They screwed up my order a few different times. I think I’m getting it free now.

In bed, I feel sort of lousy. Lousy to the point of thinking about cutting, which in turn makes me feel even more depressed.

I don’t get to see Tegan and Sara at Bluesfest this summer because I have to work! It’s definitely a bummer.

I go on vacation in a week and a half to Niagra Falls for 5 days.

I feel lonely…

My back hurts again…

I’ve got a nasty headache…

Goodnight. Talk soon.


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