Boom, Clap

He’s such an idiot.!/content/1.2692004

A good friend of mine got himself in a car accident with an RCMP vehicle after running away from the cops. He was on probation already.
Now he is hurt, refused to go the the hospital, which I knew he would and is in jail with a court appearance tomorrow.
He has really bad depression with an anxiety disorder. He’s 19 and been living on his own for a while. Couch surfing, on the streets. Addicted to cocaine, went to rehab for it, is clean now. But still smokes cigarettes and marijuana and drinks excessively.
Hasn’t been able to hold down a job and has no money a lot of the time. He can’t afford the medication he needs.
I’ve been helping him, but ultimately you can’t control someone else.
I’m disappointed in him, but more scared then anything. I hope he is alright for the meantime.

Good night. Talk soon.

P.s. Canada Day was great… Worked, drank, and watched fireworks.


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