Simmer Down and Pucker Up

Tuesday July 1st 2014, 12:11am.
Happy Canada Day! 🙂

I woke up with another headache this morning. But I had all day to “rest”. Did my laundry, caught up with my television shows, made dinner, and supported my brother at his soccer game.

Stupid janitor who stood me up texted me last night and throughout today. He feels bad for what he did especially with everything else I have to deal with. I think he’s still interested. Which is fine, I am too.
Only difference, it won’t be so easy for him this time around. I build walls and lose my trust in people that hurt me.

I work from 7:45am-noon/1ish tomorrow. Then I’ll be hightailing it home to change, grab the booze and go to my besties for some fun and games. It’s supposed to call for rain… But fingers crossed its not that bad. We’ll probably go to ” the hill” at some point to hang out and get a good spot for the fireworks.

I’ve been obsessed with the Arctic Monkeys lately, specifically Do I Wanna Know? The video is a little strange, but the music is great. (In my opinion).

I’m so pumped for this month (July) and September. We host two big outdoor concerts that last for several days. This month, it’s Bluesfest. I’ve been going every year for a while now. This year I would really like to see Lady Gaga and Tegan and Sara (since I missed them last year). In September we host Folkfest and one of my new all time favorite artists this year, Lorde, will be there!!!!! There is no way in hell I’m missing her!
I also enjoy Foster the People, I’m not sure if they are coming this year to Folkfest, but they have a concert tour date located here.

Good night. Talk soon.


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