The mosquito’s at work today were awful. I was INSIDE and still managed at least 5 bites. Tomorrow morning, I train some new guy. I hope he’s competent… I’m in no mood to deal with stupid people.

My night guard is digging into my gums right now, its uncomfortable.

I feel like I complain too much, do I? … Sorry.

I want to go out and get drunk and dance the night away. Make out with hot guys and/or girls. I would like a carefree, do whatever the hell you want day. I feel like that would not only be nice for me, but for everyone.
Do they call those “me days”?
I don’t think its acceptable to call into work to ask for a me day where all I do is do reckless shit.

I’ve been in this weird/off mood the past few days and my swearing has escalated WAY too high. I need to reign it in on the f bombs, at least.

I wish I could travel.

Goodnight. Talk soon.


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