You Are You

Who are we kidding? Of course I didn’t drag my arse to the beach today. After waking up at noon and lazing around, you sort of waste the day doing nothing. Most of my days consist of this “nothingness.” I cooked a pretty mean dinner then went to support my little brother at soccer. I say little because he is six years younger than me, but he is more like a young man now. He hit that awkward puberty stage around his last birthday.

My allergies have been brutal recently so I stopped at mums to get all the medication I had left and ordered more at the pharmacy. I have to wait two days for it to “be ready.” I’m no pharmacist, but I’m pretty certain it doesn’t take 48 hours to count out 50 pills and put them in a bottle with my name on it.

I’m going to my bestie’s graduation ceremony tomorrow morning! That should be fun. Mine is Wednesday afternoon.

I found out another cool trick with my Kobo again today! I figured out how to download and watch my TV shows all on my Kobo. I bought the Kobo with a lot of memory. So I can fit several TV shows on it, that I can watch from anywhere, since I don’t need an internet connection.

I offered to loan a good friend of mine money so she can surprise her boyfriend, baby daddy, and soon to be fiance. We are going to go to Chapters (one of our favorite places because we both love to read) to discuss details.

I’ve been back on my meds since seeing the doctor. My mood, energy levels, crazy thoughts, etc. have plateaued at a somewhat stable place. That whole sleeping with the ex thing, hasn’t bothered me at all, which I suppose is a good thing. I’ve been talking to a girl I met online, not clicking as well as I thought; dead end. Back on the hunt.

I came across this website today (Teespring) that I’ve never heard of before and I think it’s really cool. I’ve always been into wearing funny sloganned,  thought provoking, animal pictured, quote quoting tee shirts. You know, something you’d find at Hot Topic. This website allows you to design your own tee shirt and make a profit if you can sell enough.


I hope this speaks to someone in a positive light today.

Goodnight. Talk soon.


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