Almost had a panic attack in the middle of a movie theater this evening. Thankfully I managed to keep it on the DL and I was able to deal with it and calm myself down.
Saw 22 Jump Street…. Not too bad. Laughed a lot.
My ex told me he was going to someone’s cottage this weekend. He purposely leaves information out to hurt me. Then once I freak the fuck out, he tells me the details and I have nothing to worry about.
I’m so dumb.
This is what I was afraid of happening. Not being okay if he went off with someone else. But to be perfectly honest, I’d feel the same way even if I didn’t sleep with him.

On an upside, back with online dating and I’ve been talking with a lovely girl for two days now.

After feeling sort of alone yesterday night  I’ve had to fight running back to the other guy who stood me up. I have a serious problem, don’t I?

Well fuck…

Good night.


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