Too Little, Too Late

I suppose there’s a first for everything, but getting stood up still hurts.
I gave this guy another shot, and he does this. What the fuck is wrong with you!
Again, this makes me feel worthless. Like I’m not worth fighting for, or I’m simply not good enough for anyone.
People wonder why I have no self esteem or self confidence. They say I’m beautiful and intelligent and have a bright future. But I don’t see any of that. I’m constantly treated like I’m nothing, and its what I’ve come to believe now. Its what I see in the mirror.
Why is this so hard for me?
He has a shit ton of apologizing to do. I’ve sort of had it with him. I don’t know why I try when he isn’t trying for me.

Fuck it, fuck him. I’m going to bed. It’s way too late for this shit. Tomorrow’s another day. Talk soon.


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