10 Months?!?!?!?!

Today was amazingly fun until it got bad. I played 7 hours of paintball with a great group of friends (that’s including the ex who “ruined” my life). I would get all welted and bruised up any day for how much of a great time I had today!
I unfortunately got hit in the ribs again this time, but thankfully not as bad as last years incident. This time, I nicely bruised rib. Last time, a couple of broken ribs.
My brother who is 6 years younger than me is part of the “crew”. This time he ended up with heat stroke. It was hot, but everyone else seemed fine. He was vomiting, had a massive headache, was super dizzy. I felt horrible, I did my best to take care of him. I almost cried I was so upset. At times like these it really shows me how much I love the little guy.

After all of that, I had to bust home and get ready for soccer in an hour. I was pretty tired, but I have a huge passion for soccer so I found it within me to still kick ass for an addition 90 minutes.

After that I rushed home, ate, showered and curled up on the couch to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones with my aunt and my bestie.
I won’t give out any spoilers, but damn… It was pretty good! I DO NOT want to wait 10 months for the next season!

I’m lying in bed now, reflecting on my day. My body is starting to feel the pain. My joints, my muscles, my sunburned skin! And especially my low back. Boy oh boy does it ever hurt!

Goodnight. I’m exhausted. Talk soon.


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