Conquering the World Tomorrow, You In?

I’ve got that strange grandiose feeling again. After feeling really down, I get this crazy turn around. Tomorrow (for some ungodly reason) I want to accomplish something big. I want to conquer the world tomorrow. I want to do something i’ll be proud of.
But I gaurentee tomorrow when I wake up I will be back to feeling like my usual shit self and then feel even worse because I know I can’t actually accomplish anything.
I don’t get it… But I know what’s happening because my brain plays these stupid tricks on me a lot.

They aren’t even “little” accomplishments, they are huge, no limit kind of tasks. Wtf brain?! Why are you setting yourself up for failure?

I don’t know what he does up there. We don’t get along very often. Usually only on holidays where we have no choice but to be nice to each other.


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