Immediate Decisions

There is something wrong and I need some serious medical attention… I presume.

I’ve been getting severe migraines that are stopping me from going to work.
My depression and anxiety’s coming back after the other night.
I’ve given up all self-control.
I’ve gone back to smoking, cutting, and taking too much medication to find comfort and feel safe.

I haven’t been able to tell anyone. I’m so ashamed of myself and my actions.

Do I go to the hospital? Do I book an appointment with my regular doctor for an earlier date? Do I go back and see my therapist? Do I find a new therapist that practices a different school of therapy?


6 thoughts on “Immediate Decisions

  1. I guess reach out to all your support networks during this time of crisis … I know you’re afraid of bothering people for help, but I’m sure there are people who won’t feel “bothered”. When I’m in that place of crisis, I often think I’ll be bothering people when later they tell me they would have been happy to hear from me.

    Take care *hugs* Thinking of you! XX


  2. Definitely call your doctor hun. If you can’t get through, call a help line or phone your local hospital and ask for advice. Try not to take any more medication or do anything to exacerbate the migraines. You don’t have to feel ashamed, it’s okay to reach out and ask for help.


    1. Will call the doc next week… Check. If in an emergency, will call hospital… Check. Need to continue taking meds that keep me balanced and on track. I hate bothering people for help. 😦


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