Blame Me

I only have myself to blame for,

– the pain
– the cuts
– the smoking
– being mentally ill
– not receiving help
– not getting better
– lying to myself
– pushing feelings away
– letting things get under my skin so easily
– thinking and overthinking things
– being depressed
– having a shitty life
– letting my addictions take the better of me
– etc, etc, etc

I look at myself in those places at least once a day and get reminded of what i’ve done.
Pictures probably aren’t appropriate…


10 thoughts on “Blame Me

  1. It really isn’t your fault.

    Another way to look at it: are you telling me the things which you know I struggle with are MY fault? Would you say that to me? So why say it to yourself? (this was meant to sound reassuring, hope I got the tone right) XXX


  2. It’s not your fault. I know it feels like it is, and I don’t know what choices you’ve made, but please don’t blame yourself. You’ve done the best you could and now you’re trying to get better and that takes lots of courage.


      1. You’re not back at zero, even though it feels like that. You can still build on the progress you made before. You can reach out to your support network – your doctor – and you can get through this. It’s okay to slip backwards sometimes. Everyone has setbacks.


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