Much Needed Rest

Today was a long, long day. Almost 20 hours. I am severely exhausted and in a fair amount of pain. Apparently the left side of my lower body decided today was the day they’d give out on me. My hip, knee, and ankle joints are in some pain. Not sure why. I don’t tend to get joint pain, only my low back or right knee.

I’ve got to work again tomorrow, but this time in the evening do I don’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn this time. I’m hoping to pick up my medications that I asked for a refill on today at the pharmacy. I also hope to do a little shopping.

Reminder: book birthday reservation.

Everyone finally RSVP’d. And only one person can’t come.

I hope I’ve managed to figure out the kinks in the new software at work this morning. It was very busy today and I came across a lot of issues that need to be fixed.
The depression talk this evening went alright. I basically learnt about a lot of what I already knew. I took my mom to a really great diner by my aunts house for mothers day tonight. We had some rockin’ food!

Eyes are slowly closing, brain’s shutting down. Must sleep. Good night. Talk soon.


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