Two Nighter

I debated posting this morning at work. Unfortunately duty called and won over the swirling thoughts in my head. They were very distracting, but I made my eyes stare at the screen and my fingers press the letters on my keyboard. Eventually my mind went numb after exploding with frenzied voices and I was able to continue on my day.
I pulled a lot of equipment today and my back has gone back into that awful state of pain. I did some stretching to releave the pain.

After work, my aunt picked me up and we swung through my grandparents house to borrow one of their cars. It will be raining the next few days and I would really prefer not to bike in that weather.
Ate homemade nachos for dinner as I watched old reruns of The Cosby Show. I then washed the dishes and got into my jammies.

Thursday nights are big TV nights here at the house. We squished onto the couch and watched new episodes of The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, Reign, Grey’s Anatomy, Black Box, and Elementary. We obviously had to pause for a snack break.

After hours of television, I decided I should head to bed. I popped my pills, washed up, put in my nite guard, and hopped into bed. And this is where I write to you from

Warning: took two extra strength sleep aids… Might pass out.

Tomorrow’s Friday. I work with the soccer club again during the day. I’ll be pulling competitive equipment (my usual task) and helping set up all the used equipment for recreational (what I play in the summer) equipment pick up Saturday morning (where my mum will be because she is the convenor for my team, as well as my brothers [14]). After working at the soccer club tomorrow, I go straight to my part time job until 9ish. I haven’t worked up the nerve to give the cute custodian my note.

Saturday morning I work at 6:45am at the front desk of the soccer club. It’s my regular shift (looking after the golf course and soccer domes) but I also have to prepare for all the rec. equipment stuff.
Saturday night I’m having my brother and mum over for “Mother’s Day” as I’m not available Sunday night to get together.
Sunday morning I have free and then I work front desk again that evening.

And I fell asleep in the middle of writing this again.

I will be missing Mother’s Day dinner Sunday night. So I’m having my mum over Saturday night for dinner. Then we are going to an educational depression talk.

Birthday plans are on a role. Long weekend plans are set with my bestie, pedicures!

Standing in line at a sandwich shop… Of course I came at the wrong time. 12:20pm… Right at lunch time. The line is super long!

Ahh… Finally in bed. After a long exhausting day. Hauled and organized all the rec. equipment for tomorrow’s pick up. Booked it to my other part time job and grabbed dinner on my way. Unfortunately no custodian tonight. Although I’m glad. I had worked multiple sweats today and I was filthy, especially my feet (working in bare feet… Not the smartest decision I’ve made). And I had no time to run back home for a quick shower.

After getting home from my busy day, I jumped right in the shower. It feels great to be nice and clean again. I relaxed for a bit in front of the television. I also brushed the rats nest out of my hair. I do this thing where I NEVER brush my hair. So you can imagine the tangled mess my hair usually is (and my hair falls down 3/4 of my back… Quite long).

I work bright and early tomorrow morning. I need to have everything ready for golf, so when the soccer people come for their equipment, I can help.

Mind hasn’t been off strolling today. I was able to focus. I did however think about writing and photography. Two passions I need to find more time to do.

Also, I would like to go to see my therapist next week before my birthday on Wednesday. Hopefully my job allows the time to do so.

I gave everyone until tonight to rsvp for my birthday. The only people who haven’t are my great friends from college. I texted them to see if they got my message. One replied and said she totally forgot and apologized and that she would call me to chat. The other… Absolutely no response. She had better have a good excuse!

Reminder to self: book reservation, put in perscription for medication, go shopping, grab a few things from mums, wake up tomorrow!

Popped my pills, put in my nite guard and pet the cat (who might sleep beside me tonight… Making friends!) Good night. Talk soon.

P.s. Didn’t fall asleep this time!


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