Creatures of the Night

Last night I had an odd but quite interesting dream. I don’t understand it and I’m not sure if it’s “acceptable” that I enjoyed every minute of it.

I dreamt of vampires. I dreamt I was a vampire. But not any ordinary vampire. These vamps had wings and could fly. And I was a special kind of vampire. One that could grow and evolve into something more powerful. There were teeth changes. When it was “time,” I noticed my teeth were falling out and collecting in my mouth. I stuck my hand in my mouth and pulled out all my teeth. Empty holes quickly grew oversized teeth with sharp ends. I couldn’t close my mouth properly because of the nonproportionate teeth.
This sort of vampire was the most powerful and I was the only one of the kind. I tried hiding my new identity. But it did come out. Others got scared and feared me.
I went on a rampage and tore into other vampire’s necks with my newly found teeth, power, and identity.

Fell asleep at this point from taking a sleep aid. Therefore this was two nights ago.

Last night I dreamt of running, hiding, and avoiding creatures that took the shape of people, places, and things I do not like. My father and my ex were recurring objects in this particular dream.

Both of these dreams have caused me to wake up with severe migraines. Whether they caused them or not, I’m not sure.

I continue to think about that dream where I was the most powerful creature and everyone feared me. This is a first. It’s always been the opposite. I’m always the little runt getting hurt and running from something I fear.
I really do wonder what this could mean… It was extremely weird but overall a very pleasant experience. For once I didn’t awake in pain, or terror, or a bad mood.

Good night. Sweet dreams.


One thought on “Creatures of the Night

  1. There has been a huge buzz over the last week or so because a mice-study showed that blood transfusions actually promoted longevity if you took blood from a young mouse and put it into an older one. The younger blood prompted the elder organism to start repairing cells wracked by ageing. Either this is a funny coincidence or you might have absorbed some of the zeitgeist hype 🙂

    Either way – I’ve learned to never look a gift horse in the mouth. I’ll take good weird dreams over bad normal dreams any day of the week!

    All the best, hope you have more ‘nightmares’!


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