Pink Fuzzy Slippers

Was it a good idea to invite him... Christ. Probably not. What was I thinking…

He RSVP’d tonight saying he would come. What does this mean? That things are okay? We can move on and be friends? God… I am dumb. I shouldn’t have invited him.
But… I really want him there, he has been one of the biggest supports in my life.
Well, now I’m thoroughly confused and cannot back out.

I’m really surprised my two great friends from college never got back to me. I hope this isn’t a sign… I will be really upset if I lose them.

I have to work at the crack of dawn tomorrow. And Sunday as well. Not super thrilled about that. It is supposed to rain both days. So I’m hoping it’s not going to be super busy on my first weekend of the job.

I met my deadline today. *pat myself on the back* I even got to leave early. Which didn’t mean much because I was just going straight to my other job.

I was all ready, had my note, all cute and such. And he wasn’t working tonight! Jesus murphy. It’s like he knew! He is always there, every time I work. Why this one night… Gah!!!

I made myself feel sick, not on purpose. Just kind of happened. I should probably stop my emotional eating habits. Or at least make it healthy.

I stopped by my mom’s house for a minute to pick up a hair elastic. O tried to be quiet and quick. But I wasn’t enough. My dad woke up, he sounded drunk. So I just booked it out of the house without saying a word. I cannot be there. Even that was hard. I dread seeing his truck parked on the street.
I’m glad I’m here with my aunt.

Good night. Talk soon.

P.S. Back pain no more, I say!
And I’m aware the title is… What it is.


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