Past Due


I got so much done today! Backs hurting, but I’m quite happy with myself. I should definitely make the deadline for tomorrow.

Had chinese food with my grandparents this evening. Yummy… As it always is.
A little tip… Never decline an outing with my grandparents, they always pay! 😉

I got myself organized and sent out an email to my closest friends about my bday dinner. Within half an hour I got half of the responses. I’m hoping everyone can make it.

I’m going to see Spiderman this weekend with my bestie. She told me she had some great ideas that the two of us could do for my bday. So I’m excited to hear those. Two birthdays ago, she surprised me with train tickets to Montreal for a shopping spree! It was so much fun!

Another friend asked if I wanted to house sit with him. They have a hot tub, lake, and I can crash over night. Totally in! We need to catch up anyhow.

All week I’ve been mustering up the courage to ask the custodian at work Friday nights out for a drink. Tomorrow… Its go time! I’ll keep you posted on that one…

Let’s see… I’m taking my meds every morning. Haven’t missed a single dose since I’ve started. I’ve been sober for 2 full months now. First day was March 1st. I’m not very proud of myself yet… I feel like I’ve failed even though I never gave in to my impulses.
My mood fluctuates. But today, its been stable at content. No triggers. Just focused on work.

I do really need to go back to therapy though. And I need to do something with this online therapy too. I haven’t been able to do week 2’s homework successfully. And I can’t move on without doing it. At a cross roads…

I watched episode 2 of Black Box tonight. Was wickedly awesome!

Heading to bed. Good night. Talk soon.


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