Need More Time!

oops… fell asleep unexpectedly without writing about my day today.

Fortunately I got a lot accomplished today. Unfortunately it was nothing on my to do list. New things pile up daily and pushes the tasks on my to do list down pretty far.
The next two days, I need to nicely tell my team to bugger off. So I can focus and get all this work down by Friday.

Luckily my back pain reset itself over night and because I didn’t do any of that back breaking work today, it’s doing alright. I’m sure by the weekend I will need to book a massage, or do my physio exercises, maybe both!

There was a few moments today where I let my guard down and let myself get into a pretty negative spotlight. He had messaged me, and unfortunately it’s all I could think about all day. He is toxic and I don’t like that. Which is why I give in. It’s a major weak point for me and it wins every time. I guess I just hope eventually it won’t bother me anymore. But in reality, I always see it bothering me.

Damn… Okay. I think this means I need to go back to the therapists, ASAP. I seem to be pushing my problems under the rug again and not dealing with how I feel. Making every time they come up, harder to handle.

I will try to remind myself tomorrow (with my awful memory). Maybe someone else could remind me? *nudge nudge wink wink*

Showers are always the times you have your best thoughts. Why? I don’t know, it just is.
I thought more about my birthday, and really came to a concrete plan. Which is good seeing as though tomorrow (technically today, 1:15am) is May 1st. I’ve got 13 days to get it done and organized.
I should probably get on that tomorrow or at least this weekend.

Saturday is a big day for my new job. The golf course is finally opening and I’ve finished my training! I’ve learned a lot, but I am comfortable and confident that I have retained it all (well at least most).

If I can keep on track with my paychecks coming in, I think I should have my school loan paid off in no time! Which is great! 🙂

I’m really looking forward to the summer coming. I’m going to be working two great jobs that I love waking up extra early and staying extra late and busting my butt working for. And I will have time to myself to start taking my passions and hobbies more seriously.
I need to work on my motivation and commitment levels.

I hope to hear everyone having at least an okay day tomorrow/today, if not I hope it’s a superb one! 🙂

Good night. Talk soon.


One thought on “Need More Time!

  1. Oh man do I know that feeling, of having got lots done, but nothing from my “To Do” list! My friend K would be so cross with me (she loves me, but she’s my organization guru).

    It’s so good to hear you sounding optimistic and enthusiastic about the summer!


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