Tonight… Is somewhat better than last. Probably because I’m absolutely exhausted and my brain no longer functions.

I had a follow up with my doctor this morning. We discussed what’s been going on and gave me more medication.

I need to make an appointment with my therapist next week and deal with that online therapy guy as well.

Tomorrow’s my last day of placement. They asked me to come back next week. It had better be a paid position. I’m tired of busting my balls for free.

My allergies are very bad right now. They are making my body ache, my nose run, and throat itch. I’m quite pale and breaking out in hives. And migraines and coughing are brutal.

My relocation is going well. So far so good.

Online dating… Fml.
The date I went on, not so good. I stopped talking with him.
The guy I really have come to liking, has stopped talking to me and I have no idea why. Really quite depressing. I’m not in the mood reply or contact anyone else. I need to take this one day at a time.

I need a good massage… Task for tomorrow. Book one!

Good night.


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