Feeling Good

*hand on heart* I would sincerely like to apologize to you, to myself, and to everyone for missing yesterday’s post. I do feel guilty. When I don’t write, I don’t get that chance to rid myself of the toxins that happened during the day.

My placement has been very busy for me. I had to work this weekend because of high demand for a fitting session.

I did however have time to hangout with my best friend! 🙂 we painted our nails and watched hours of TV then made dinner.
I also went to an anxiety seminar Saturday evening. I learnt a few things and noticed a lot of what I already knew.

I’m starting week 2 of that online therapy. My actual therapy session this week went well. (i think I already mentioned a few posts back).

The weather was nice this weekend so I obviously took the oppertunity to show off my new tattoo! Which has completely healed and looks amazing.

My dad this weekend had a few drinks but not to the point of drunkeness. So he was somewhat bearable at moments.
Now that my brother is getting older, we are really developing a great relationship. I’m really excited to see what it comes to.

I spoke with my case manager this evening about the new job. I asked her about extended curfews. And she was very proud (as well as the other staff working tonight) that I have accomplished so much. She said she would discuss my extended curfew at tomorrow’s staff meeting but she doesn’t think it will be a problem.

Also, i’m thinking about moving. The shelter has my necessities. But really isn’t a permanent position in any way. It’s very out of my way and takes me quite some time to travel places from living here, downtown.

My mother told me that my aunt had offered to house me, as well as my grandparents (not much help when they don’t actually tell me). So i’m debating talking with my aunt about moving in with her. I need to weigh the pros and cons and discuss living arrangements and rules and what not with her.
I don’t have a lot of money, so I can’t pay for rent or any other bills. Maybe some part of the grocery bill. But thats about it.
I feel a little bad because she will be doubling everything she pays for now. (i know she can afford it, but still. I feel guilty). I’ll probably talk with her sometime early this week.

I’ve been in contact with a guy online. It’s going well and i’m happy. 🙂

Tomorrow consists of placement from 10:30-7:30 then part time job from 8:15-9:15. Then buss my butt back downtown to the shelter. Busy and long day. But I can do it! 🙂

Good night.
Talk soon.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Good

  1. Good for you, jumping into online dating! And that’s great news about your aunt and grandparents. Where are you living now? And what do you think you’ll do? You can always help out by doing laundry, cleaning, doing the shopping (even if you don’t pay) and helping out with the cooking….I’m sure your aunt will also appreciate your company 🙂 she wouldn’t offer if she didn’t want to help you, right?


    1. Thanks! I didn’t know what to expect, but so far so good 🙂
      I’ve been living at a women’s shelter for a month and a half because I had no where else to go.
      I’ll do anything, cook dinner, clean the house. Whatever she asks!
      She does live alone, so hopefully she wouldn’t mind an extra body for company.
      That is true. She offered because she cares. So fingers crossed things go well.


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