Onwards and Upwards

I had plenty of juice tonight to write today’s post on the bus. But as soon as I got on WP I read a bunch of other blogs, then before I knew it, I had about 5 minutes before my stop (my bus ride is 40 minutes). Where’d the time go?!
There was no way I could write about today in 5 minutes. I can’t even think that fast.

So here I am, late at night (really can’t break this bad habit) writing about today’s highs and lows.

Took a break… Had a shower.
Jesus… Do I ever feel great.
It certainly is nice to shower. Especially when you can’t every day (shelter life).

Woke up, nice and tired. Wanted to shower, but fuck that. Hit the snooze button. I would much rather sleep.
Hopped on the bus and an hour and a half later, get to placement at 10:30am.
Start my day, do some kit order corrections, refunds in the system, blah blah blah. Pulled an order from the mass equipment storage room as well. Sent some emails and more blah blah blah.
At noon I went for my interview for the front desk position in the same building as my placement. It went great, cause I got the job!
So I will be running the building in the evenings and on weekends a few times a week in the summer. I have to take care of the two soccer domes, the golf course and the front desk, as well as little odds and sods like custodial tasks during my shift. I’m pumped!

4pm rolled around, I ran out and grabbed some dinner. Then I rushed back and got all the kit samples sorted and in proper sized order. I set up, and waited for players to show up so I could size them for their soccer uniform. I did that from 5-9pm. There is some down time when I do these sizing sessions. So I browse the internet and such.
At 9pm, I put everything away. Said good luck to one of my bosses who is getting disc surgery tomorrow morning and drove home. (while he is off for a few days, I get to take over his job… Completely. I have huge shoes to fill! But i’m so happy he intrusted me with his duties instead of someone else…  I guess i’m making a good impression around the office.)
When I got home, I looked over some online dating emails (pretty excited that i’m starting this up) and sent my first week homework to the new therapy guy i’m trying out.
Got a ride to the bus stop, and got on the bus back to the shelter. I had 10 minutes before curfew, so I quickly took my meds and did my chore.

Tomorrow i’ve got my appointment with my actual therapist. We’ve got a lot to discuss, so i’m really looking forward to it. And tomorrow will be another long day for me.

Onwards and upwards my friends!

Talk soon.


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