The Black Keys

I got on the bus back to the shelter this evening with my earbuds in and my multiple The Black Keys albums shuffled playing on my iPod. The bus was empty so I grabbed my favorite seat. I don’t know what it is about taking the bus at night, but I really quite enjoy the serenity of the whole situation. It’s very calming and relaxing. I put my feet up and got comfy and debated writing my post for today then. I pulled out my phone… 10% Battery… Well that’s not happening. So I recapped what my day was like and just current things going on around me, trying to decide what to talk about tonight.

When I arrived at coop this morning, I already had my few first tasks on the go because I hadn’t finished them the day before. Needless to say it took me all day too finish it because I got disrupted every hour with a new project, which I had to get done before continuing with what I was working on. Then we also had a team meeting, where I got to speak this tine, right in the middle of the day. Anyway… Under the circumstances, I still got a lot done today.

Side Note: I’m meeting with my potential boss tomorrow for that job that got mentioned to me a few days back.

After leaving around 5pm, I went home for dinner. As soon as I walked in, I noticed my dad was plastered. It took me two seconds to turn on my heels and walk straight back out the door I came in. I ended up at a local coffee shop for a few hours.

Today I reached out for some advice on online dating and got great reviews. So, I looked at that for a while. A few guys have already got in contact with me. No girls, yet.
I signed up on two different but popular websites so I could look at both sexes.

As I discussed yesterday, he and I talked for a while just to catch up. Today, he met me at the coffee shop so I could help him tape up his sprained tendon in his wrist.

Side Note: I had a sports injuries course last semester where I learned how to tape the wrist, among a lot of different things as well.

I asked if he could drive me to the bus station after helping him out. It wasn’t a problem.

I has my laptop on and I was working on it when he first showed up. He noticed my bookmarks and saw my blog bookmarks (WP, Tumblr) plus some other stuff. He was curious about the whole blog thing. I’ve told no one about this blog, and frankly I would like to keep it that way. If anyone stumbles upon it, that’s cool. But I am in no way promoting my blog. I use it as a form of therapy. And through it, I’ve come to learn a lot, as well as meet some amazing people.

If he finds this, or anyone does. There isn’t much I can do. It is public, and I wouldn’t change that. But I’m not changing what I write about, how I write, or when I write; nothing.

I did get some anxiety again today that related to him. As much as I’ve missed him. I’ve been doing better without him. Which sucks because that’s not what I want. He’s open to hanging out and talking and stuff. But I’m really trying my best and giving it my all to do what is right for me. And that’s space and time from him. I can’t develop a healthy friendship like this. I’m still dealing with my conditions, and adding my biggest trigger onto my plate, isn’t a smart action plan for me. It bumbs me out, but I can’t do much about the situation I’ve been dealt. I just have to continue to try to make the right decisions and keep fighting and hopefully someday, I can come to terms with my life.

Goodnight, talk soon.


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