Oh Em Gee!

Placement… Fine.
Tired… Yes.
Home… The same.
Father… Still drinking.
Shelter… The same.
Work… Oh Em Gee!

Monday night work is when he is there. He hasn’t been the last two weeks. I figured he would stop coming. He was there tonight! I avoided him like the plague. But he came over to talk to me. He offered to drive me back to the shelter. He wanted to talk and catch up.
This was the last thing I expected.
To no surprise and my terribly bad judgement, I said sure.
I didn’t give it a second thought. I know I tend to over look things. So I steared clear from thinking at all.
The drive, the talk… Everything was perfectly fine! I am graciously happy.
For the longest time, i’ve had all this anxiety. And for what? Absolutely nothing.
I know this feeling won’t last. But for now, I am glad we could talk and for once, have everything be okay.
I updated him about me and whats been going on. And he did the same for me. Obviously to a certain extent. We both know the boundaries of what we can and cannot discuss.

I’m going to head to bed, feeling good about myself. Proud i’m not over looking anything. Keeping things where they are. No worries, no regrets, nothing.

Good night beautiful people.


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