Manequins and Impulses and Part-Time Jobs, Oh My!

This morning I think I hit the snooze button 5-6 times. I am way too damn tired these days. When I eventually got my butt in gear and got to work I started with matching requests. (I don’t really have the energy to explain this process, it’s also not important… So let’s just leave it at that.)
That took the rest of the morning. So after lunch I got on building manequin duty. I also clothes them and attempted to put them in the display case.
Long story short… Some idiot didn’t look into the height of the display case and the height of the manequins… Because they didn’t fit! Needless to say, I was a little annoyed after working my ass off for a few hours with no help at all. But whatever, there isn’t much you can do. I put the child manequin in the case and some soccer balls to at least show case something.
I wasn’t needed for much else, so I cleaned up, talked to my boss and headed out a bit earlier than I have been the past few days.

I got home, dinner was ready. Dad was intoxicated. I hide out in my room. It’s the first time in a long time that I layed in my bed for a moment. It felt amazing. Because of my bad back, my actual bed at home is extremely padded, making it extremely comfortable.

I headed off to work shortly after then. Had my badminton shift for a few hours tonight. Did some reading and such. Pretty boring, really.
I made some plans with my friends. Tomorrow morning (Saturday), I’m going to a craft show with some family and taking a good friend. Then we are going out for lunch at a new restaurant that just opened. Later tomorrow night I’m going to another friends place for Game of Thrones Season One Marathon and bringing pizza. And Sunday I think I might be getting together with another friend to hangout.

I got home after work, started downloading G.O.T. (for the second time, because I deleted it after watching it the first time). Then headed to the bus station back to the shelter.

On my way home on the bus, I got this really bad impulse and urge for substance abuse. For some reason, I wanted/want to get really freaking high.
I can’t drink or smoke on my new medication and it’s the only thing stopping me. Otherwise I’d probably be both right now.
It also really doesn’t help that I’m surrounded by it. After a while, I get tired. My wall faulters and drops. I’m not on guard anymore.

On a happier note… I practically got handed a part-time summer job at work today. Not with the football (a.k.a. Soccer) organization i’m with now. But for the golf course that runs out of the same building. Hopefully I get it, that would be awesome.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned. I’m exhausted and I also am struggling with my impulses and anxiety. So i’m just gunna hit the hay.

Talk soon.


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