Jot Notes

POI’s of the day:
– bus pass… Check
– boss at placement was sick
– took initative to get projects done
– got everything accomplished that I wanted to
– hungout with a buddy, played video games and caught up
– bussed back to shelter
– no weird people approached me
– had 15min before curfew, managed chore, meds, and a moment to talk to staff.
– after settled, started laundry.

I’m exhausted. Eyes are closing. Back and abdomin pain are mild. Jaw is sore from nite guard. Looked at new therapy stuff today, too. Felt some anxiety throughout day. Problems with father again.

Tomorrow I have my follow up with my doctor. Gotta mention side effects still happening.

Good night, hopefully the nightmares and restless sleep stay with me and don’t bother you.

Talk soon.


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