So Itchy!

So abdominal pain is still here. And I still don’t know what it is.

I went to placement this morning, got some orders put together.

Got home home around dinner time. I could tell my dad, who is an alcoholic and recently said he would look into rehab, had been drinking and trying to hide it. I avoided him like the plague.
The only reason I was there to begin with is because I worked later this evening.
After dinner, I hid out in my room on my laptop waiting for that time to come where I would have to leave for work.
My friend asked if I wanted to get together for a bit.
We went to a local coffee shop and ended up going back to his. I missed the season finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday night, so he offered to let me watch it.
Besides the episode being amazing. It brings me ease to be in someone’s company. Reality hits and it calms me down. My mind stops going a million miles an hour.
I said thanks and went on my way to work. He thankfully or not thankfully (still not sure yet) wasn’t there again tonight.
I worked myself up all week trying to figure out what I would and wouldn’t do and say.
And all my panic, worry, and anxiety was for nothing.

I’m starting that new therapy this week. So far I read up on the introduction of the program and my first three assignments.

I’m lying in bed back at the shelter, a.k.a. “home”, resting my abdomin and back. I’m pretty exhausted. My nite guard is weird. But I think my mouth is getting used to it.

I want to get up tomorrow and go to the nearest mall to get a student bus pass this month. It’ll save my $10. Which is better than nothing.

I’ve got my doctors appointment coming up on Wednesday. And I have to email for a grad photo time. (Don’t mind me, using this as my agenda too. Horribe memory!)

I met up with another friend on the weekend and got his phone fixed. Unfortunately no meds yet. And I also drove him to work. He was very grateful.

I made my famous dip on the weekend too (i feel like I might have already said this), I already finished it all. It’s so good!

I’ve been taking great care of my tattoo. It’s already starting to peel and get itchy (part of healing process).

Hopefully I sleep. Wishing for no nightmares. Have a good night.

Talk soon.


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