Highs and Lows

Today’s high’s and low’s.

– stayed busy at placement today, got a lot accomplished
– found the neareat Subway for lunch
– cute custodian at work chatting me up
– laying in my warm bed after a long day

– was on my feet at placement all day, foot and ankle is now swollen to double the size
– the limp I walk with because it hurts my tattooed foot
– little bits of panic and anxiety
– working late on a Friday night
– my horrible back pain that flared up

Tomorrow’s Plans:
– pick up my puppy from groomers around noon
– go to dentist at 2:30pm to finally get my nightguard
– maybe see my friend’s son (baby)

P.s. Wifi didn’t work at work. So I couldn’t post again… I’ll try and push for tomorrow.

Goodnight. Talk soon.


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