Play By Play

Today’s Events:
– had trouble waking up (tired)
– had bus connection troubles
– got to placement later than I wanted to
– input data from assessments for different groups (took all morning)
– went to equipment storage in dome (learned about the airlock system)
– finished up loose ends (orders and labeling)
– left placement, picked up friend, drove to tattoo shop
– sat for 1.5 hours while I got my very first tattoo done (high tolerance for pain – so not painful at all)
– got home home showed it off
– took bandaging off and cleaned it a few hours later
– drove back “home” and got my meds for the night
– did my chore for today
– hopped into bed without watching True Blood (trying to get more sleep)
– browsed the internet (FB, WP)
– decided to update on today, even though I’m tired

Tomorrow I have work for a few hours. So I think I will have time to finally sit down with free wifi and my laptop and write everything I want to share with you guys.

Have a good night, get some sleep (that includes me), and we’ll talk soon.

P.S. Here is the picture I took of my tattoo. (doesn’t do it justice)



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