Stop All the Jinxing!

Today consisted of:
– waking up at 12:30pm
– getting ready for the day and taking my medication
– going home home
– watched some TV I had to catch up on
– studied for final exams on Monday
– went to grandma’s 71st birthday party
– drove back “home”
– watched The Walking Dead on TV
– did more studying
– chores, shower, study

All in all, not a super fun filled day.
I’m a little stressed about exams. But I don’t get anxiety about school work. (which is nice)

I’m not sure if it’s the new medication or my excruciatingly difficult fight with my OCD, or maybe even both. (and I really don’t want to jinx myself here) but I feel like my mood has risen some. I’ve been able to focus on the present than be constantly stuck on the past and stuck on him.

I really enjoy The Walking Dead and one of my new friends who I spoke of yesterday has asked me to join him for a marathon. So needless to say, that made me feel nice.
I couldn’t tell you the last time someone asked me to hangout. It feels good to be wanted. (I’ve struggled with this my whole life with family, friends, partners).

I was sort of busy with studying today, so I couldn’t look to indepth into other forms of therapy. But I did keep the tabs open on my internet browser for group therapy, mental health services at the local hospital and mental health hospital, and yoga. So I will look into that at some point.

After studying I watched two episodes of True Blood just to relax before bed. It can get kind of addicting because all I want to do is watch the next episode. But it’s late (2:45am) and I should at least try to close my eyes.

Hopefully no nightmares. Although it seems like when I asked for that the last time, they came. So… I could have jinxed myself, again.

Talk soon.


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