I got woken up this morning by one of the staff members giving me heck for not following along with my schedule. Apparently I don’t get the benefit of the doubt during exam week. (which they all know) I still have to report  when and where I am going. So dumb.

Friends picked me up and we headed to school to study for a few hours before our first exam. It went better than expected. There was only 11 short answer questions. What a joke. It took me 45 minutes to write a two hour final.

I have four hours between the first and second exam today. So I am spending my time “studying” right now. You can only study so much before your brain can’t absorb anymore information. Only one more hour before I have to write.

He contacted me today. He texted me “good luck tonight”. I let it sit for a few hours and debated contacting back and what to say if I did. Of course, I let me guard down. I did reply, but only with “thank you, you too.” and then deleted the message thread after it sent.

Because of my exam tonight, I can’t work my shift (where he will be at). So I guess I’m glad in a way. I’ve been avoiding him all together. His Facebook, Twitter, texts. Anything and everything that has to do with him. This is where my OCD comes in. And it was making me incredibly sick. After starting the medication, it gave me that little push I needed to just shut down that part of me completely. It was hard the first few days. And it still bothers me and brings some anxiety. But everyday, my hysterical emotions towards my OCD are calming.

Happy St.Patty’s day for those who are doing anything (getting wasted) tonight. Unfortunately I can’t drink or smoke now on these new meds. Which sucks. But I am willing to give it up to get better.

My class graduation party is this Friday. That should be interesting…

Every day this week I have one exam. So I am going to be very busy with those. I also have one big assignment left. Then DONE! After my 5 week full-time placement, I will graduate.

Anyway… I really should go continue studying (cramming).

Talk soon.


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