Last night was horrible. I think I jinxed myself. I had hoped for no nightmares and I had several. I only really remember one. Which wasn’t pleasant at all. It woke me up in the middle of the night and I had totally taken the sheets off my bed.

I have final exams next week, so I have to study this weekend. So far, I’ve totally wasted a perfectly fine Saturday. I watched a bunch of TV shows to catch up from this week.

I feel better today. I took my new meds this morning and haven’t had any bad side effects. Hopefully that means my bodies getting used to them.

I struggled many times with my OCD today and with my thoughts and with my triggers. I had to stop abruptly what I was doing and calm myseld down. By talking myself out of it or focusing on my breath. I’m proud of myself after the fact. But those moments are terrifying. And I would really like them to stop.

I went to the dentist’s today. I was supposed to be picking up my night guard. But instead had to re-do my impressions because someone screwed up the last mold.

I watched some more True Blood tonight. (I apologize, there’s no photo or link).

I was told about one of my friends having a difficult time dealing with me. So… That’s great. I always seem to be the bad guy.

My mood has been different, so I think the medication is starting to kick into my system.

At around 1:45am (it is now Sunday at 3:10am) the fire alarms went off. So we all had to go out in the cold and wait for the firemen to come and give us the all clear.

I don’t like this bed. It hurts my screwed up back even more. Scoliosis and low back pain from the forward tilt in my pelvis.

Anyhow, I think I’m tired so I’m going to try and catch some zzz’s.

Talk soon.


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