Off My Meds and Therefore My Rocker

it’s late, 2:31 am to be exact, so this will probably be short, but I still wanted to write something.

Today consisted of sleeping in and getting a bus home home. I had an event to go to tonight, which involved family time… So I put my brave face on.

This morning started out a little rough, woke up with a headache and a large lack of motivation. As the day progressed, my mood changed into a better one. A more content, okay one. Then after settling into bed, today kind of bombarded me. And now I seem to be down in the dumps again. As well as not being able to sleep.

My new meds have caused me some trouble. And therefore couldn’t take them today. I have to go back and get a written form stating they are infact mine. Usually this isn’t a problem with meds because you get a prescription, with all your info on the bottle or box. But i’m on samples right now until we can determine which pill works best.
So needless to say, a little irritating.

I haven’t been that “low” in two days. So self-harm has stopped, for now.
I was reading some stuff and came across these articles. Help take away the negative stigma to self-harm. Now if everyone in the world could read this so I can stop feeling guilty, that would be great, thanks.

Tomorrow… Planning on sleeping in. Have to talk to my case manager about my finances. I have an hour class at school in the afternoon. Then i’ve got a show to go to with a friend. It’s a harry potter parody. It should be pretty awesome. Oh and I also have to go to Doc’s to get that note so I can take my meds!

So many responsibilities (not really, just complaining). It’s hard when all I want to do on my “off” days (when I feel like utter shit), is curl up in a ball and hope I die soon.
I realize that is not a happy thought or feeling. But it is the truth.

On a side note… Today i’ve been thinking about him and old memories. It’s kind of left a sour taste in my mouth. So i’ve been a little off my rocker all day.

Talk soon.


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