Capturing Emotion

Today has just been full of depression. I’ve been very down and don’t want anything.


I don’t plan these things. They happen when I feel like shit and I get overwhelming urges to do it. Something emerged this time. I was thinking maybe it should be my signature.


After talking with my therapist, he definitely believes I have a big problem with this. I’m not going to lie… I most certainly do have an issue with letting things in, letting things go, fear of loss, and the fear of failure.


I like this picture only because it shows that we are capable of being a better person than someone without a mental illness. The stigma around mental illness is so dark and negative. I like to think that we are stronger than an average individual even when we suffer.

I’ve got therapy tomorrow… Hopefully something good will come of it.

Every day, a little part of you inside of me, dies.

This little guy was wracking around in my brain today. I really like what it states and symbolizes. All the thoughts I get when I read this, although they are extremely depressing, make me feel a little empowered.
For a very long time I was confused about everything. Everything was so uncertain. I had no answers and way too many questions.
This sentence captures how part of me feels. I can’t usually explain how I feel. Because half the time, I don’t know.

Talk soon.



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