Busier Day

The staff let me sleep in this morning. How gracious of them.
I woke up got ready for the day, made myself an egg sandwich (which was amazing), then met with my case manager.
We just covered some basics. More about school, family, work, those sorts of things.
One of my friends picked me up after that and we went to our one hour class (such a waste of time).
Then after class, I buckled down. Organized myself and got some work done in the computer lab at school.
Then we drove back “home”, I grabbed some dinner (spaghetti, garlic bread – amazingly good), then worked on homework all evening and night.
It’s been a busy day for me and didn’t have a moment today to write.

I had a shower tonight, it was nice. Especially since I brushed my hair, which I never do.
My mom dropped some snacks, feminine hygiene stuff and some jewelry for me tonight too.

I had a bit of a situation this morning. I went to clean my belly button piercing, the ball was lose, screwed off and fell in the sink’s drain. And there was obviously no way I was getting that back. So I had no choice but to remove it and go without one in all day. It is still healing so I was scared of it starting to close.
Anyhow, after getting the bag of knick knacks from mom, I went to try to get one in. It was very difficult, it started closing, but I rammed it in anyway. It was bloody and painful. But I managed. And its perfectly fine now.

I just finished looking at an assignment, so I thought I would post a little something from my phone.
Now I am tired and have to wake up early tomorrow. So good night.
Talk soon.


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