Practice Makes Perfect

Done school way earlier than expected. But it was because we held a bunch of presentations instead of listening to a lecture.

Got driven back by a couple friends, had soup for din din. Didn’t really want the roast beef, potatoes and carrots that were actually for dinner. Watched some TV that I downloaded for myself to keep me company. Did my chore for today.

I’m kind of at a loss on what to do, I think I can get motivated to work on homework. But I need internet, and the computers here are always busy with other girls. So that’s not happening.

I think I am going to try that new relaxation method I learned on Monday in therapy. He gave me a recording to go with.
I find trying to focus on my breath alone is a lot harder than doing it with him. I think I need someone to help guide me through it. It helps me focus better.
When I try to do the hard work, my mind is working too hard and my thoughts come. I need someone to tell me what to do, so my brain can relax and release the thoughts and tension in my body. For a short time anyway.


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