Morning After

So after getting home, all I did was fall asleep. Apparently everything I did last night is the solution to my sleeping problems. I still had nightmares but I never woke up in the middle of the night.
I got to bed at 6:30, dozed off pretty much after that.
Then woke up now at 3:30pm.

Apparently my mom doesn’t appreciate the fact that I am smoking weed. Obviously the car smelt like it, it was way too cold to go out in that weather to smoke. The smell goes away. No big deal.
She got thrown into such a rage, that not only did she verbally abuse me and physically abuse me but she kicked me out of this house.

So lets check up on this journey…
I lost my life, my family, and my home already.
Now im getting kicked out and losing, a home, a family, and this life.

When is a better time to end all of this? I should have done it last night. I had my chance, I blew it.

Hopefully someone will house me, I’ve only got a few hours.


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