Day 55: The reality of anxiety takes far more than a chill pill

Amazing perception and explanation.
Words I strive to use but never seem to accomplish.
Now I don’t have to.

Exploration 365

It’s currently college midterm week.

Yes I do realise that it’s just an exam. I understand that half the jobs in the future are not going to even care about that grade from that irrelevant freshman class. I know that I could be more productive and I just stopped worrying so much and got some sleep. The problem is—I simply cannot. I have anxiety.

I have refrained from unleashing my temper at some people who are ignorant to the concept of anxiety attacks. After all, it seems reasonable that they could never fully understand how anxiety truly feels unless they actually experience an anxiety attack themselves. It would be so easy—and often so tempting—to angrily attempt to inject understanding and empathy into my friends and family. I’m glad I have restrained myself every time, because heated preaching will not effectively rid the ignorance other others. Their misconceptions of what true…

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